Prei gewasbescherming biologische middelen en lipopeptiden beheersing Fusarium in zaai- en productieveld 2013

Prei gewasbescherming biologische middelen en lipopeptiden beheersing Fusarium in zaai- en productieveld 2013

Efficacy of lipopeptides, Prestop, Trianum, Mycostop and Topsin against Fusarium culmorum in leek

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The trial has been set up to evaluate the efficacy of dipping treatments before planting with lipopeptides, Prestop, Trianum and Mycostop against Fusarium rot (Fusarium culmorum / FUSACU) in leek (Allium porrum / ALLPO). These treatments were compared with a synthetic reference dipping treatment with the methyl benzimidazole carbamate fungicide thiophanate-methyl (Topsin M).

The trial has been set up at a grower’s field in Meulebeke, in 3 parallels in a randomized block design. The plot area was 15.6 m² and the variety used was Harston (Nunhems). Since the trial has been set up on the cultivation fields of the grower, no artificial infection has been applied. Therefore, a spontaneous natural infection by Fusarium is responsible for the overall infection degree.

Based on the overall results for infestation with F. culmorum in leek for this trial, one may conclude that there is not any treatment showing significant control results, since results for these treatment objects have shown no differences with the untreated witness. Contrary, the infestation degree for the treatment with the biocontrol agent Trichoderma harzianum T22 (Trianum) to be higher than that of the treatments with biologically derived products and the untreated witness. One additional remark to make is a relatively low natural infection degree has been noticed at harvest, which may hamper drawing absolute conclusions at that moment.

The trial results have suggested no indication for efficient use of the biologically derived products in integrated control of Fusarium culmorum in leek.


E​f​f​i​c​i​ë​n​t​i​e van biologische middelen en lipopeptiden voor de beheersing van Fusarium in zaai- en productieveld 2013


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