New cultivation information on turmeric available

New cultivation information on turmeric available

Within the framework of the Interreg Northwest Eruope project 'CURCOL - Gebruik van natuurlijke kleurstoffen in biobased verpakkingsmateriaal - Curcuma based sustainable colours'

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After 3 years of research on the cultivation of turmeric, it is clear that we can successfully grow turmeric in our region. With nice harvest results, even in unheated tunnel, PCG was able to produce some useful documents for growers. First of all, a cultivation manual for the cultivation of turmeric in northwest Europe. Exploratory research was also done on cultivation on an aeroponics system, see this document. Finally, a first techno-economic analysis of cultivation was also prepared.


Turmeric Cultivation Manual content:

  • 1. Turmeric
    Cultivation purpose
  • 2. Start of the cultivation
    Plant material
    Start of the cultivation
  • 3. Different cultivation methods
    Cultivation in a plastic tunnel
    Cultivation in a (heated) greenhouse
    Cultivation on other substrates
  • 4. Maintenance
    Manual labour
  • 5. Harvest
  • 6. Storage
  • 7. Bibliography


Pilot aeroponics cultivation of turmeric content:

  • 1. Turmeric
    Cultivation purpose
  • 2. Hydro- and aeroponics
    Soilless cultivation
  • 3. Pilot set-up
  • 4. General trial set-up
  • 5. Trial 2021
  • 6. Trial 2022
  • 7. Demonstrations for growers
  • 8. Conclusion
  • 9. Bibliography


Techno economic assessment of the turmeric cultivation content:

  • 1. The CURCOL project
  • 2. Turmeric cultivation
    Base case
    Reference case 1
    Reference case 2
  • 3. Results
    Base case
    Reference case 1
    Reference case 2
    Impact of scale
  • 4. Conclusion
  • 5. Bibliography


Presentation final event Cultivation of turmeric in NWEurope


More information

Ellen Dendauw: ellen.dendauw[at]pcgroenteteelt.be
Jeroen Van Mullem: jeroen.vanmullem[at]pcgroenteteelt.be


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