Prei gewasbescherming lipopeptiden tegen roest 2012

Prei gewasbescherming lipopeptiden tegen roest 2012

Efficacy of lipopeptides against rust (Puccinia allii) in leek 2012

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This trial has been set up to evaluate the efficacy of the lipopeptide PM12/003 and the mixture PM12/003 - PM12/004 against leek rust (Puccinia allii) in leek (Allium porrum / ALLPO). In addition to the lipopeptides a number of chemical references were integrated in this trial.

The trial was set up at a research field in Kruishoutem, Belgium, in 3 parallels in a randomized block design. The plot area was 14m² and the variety was Harston (Nunhems). This variety is very susceptible to leek rust.

The applications were performed by means of a backpack sprayer, a spray volume of 400 l/ha and an application pressure between 3.6 and 4.5 bar. The lipopeptides were dissolved in a 0.1% PM13/001 solution and PM12/012 was added.

The lipopeptides were applied 6 times, with an interval of 14 days. The first treatments were applied preventative. The chemical reference products were applied 4 times with an interval of approximately 21 days.

The natural pressure of leek rust was high in this trial. All chemical reference products reduced leek rust significantly and kept leek rust under control, which confirms earlier experience with these products. Objects treated with the lipopeptide PM12/003 or the mixture PM12/003-PM12/004 did not reduce leek rust. On none of the assessment moments any form of phytotoxicity was observed.

The objects treated with lipopeptides showed a slightly more severe infestation than the untreated object and the check with PM13/001. It is possible that lipopeptides have a harmful effect on the wax layer of the leeks, but this possible effect was not observed visually.


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